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CUI Power Group’s Next Generation SMI6B Series Multi-Blade Power Supply

July 31, 2019 by Sam Holland

CUI Power Group introduces the next-generation AC-DC multi-blade power adapters that feature interchangeable AC blades and ultra-compact package.

The 6W SMI6B series from CUI Inc has been designed for global use and features an ultra-compact package that measures 1.85 x 1.36 x 1.04 inches.


SMI6B Series: Features

The SMI6B series (SMI6B-5, SMI6B-6, SMI6B-9, SMI6B-12, SMI6B-15) have AC blade options for Europe, Australia, the United Kingdom, North America, and China. 

They comply with the stringent European Union CoC Tier 2 efficiency regulations and the United States DoE Level VI, as well as IEC 62368-1 safety standard, which is a single harmonized safety standard for AV and ICT equipment that is set to replace IEC 60065 and IEC 60950-1.


Why is IEC 62368-1 important?

The IEC 62368-1 the hazard-based product-safety standard that has been a work-in-progress since 2002, and its purpose is to give a clearer framework for evaluating the safety of products, especially now that there is no clear distinction between ICT equipment and AV equipment.

This safety standard also plans to give designers more flexibility in product design and evaluation, and should help them keep pace with changing technologies without needing regular revisions that are often expensive and time-consuming. 

This new standard will be introduced in EU and North America, and it will bring on board a different, hazard-based philosophy to product testing; otherwise called hazard-based safety engineering (HBSE). HSBE principles protect equipment by spotting any sources of hazardous energy and how this energy could be transferred then proposing suitable methods of preventing the transfer from happening.

European and American bodies have already collaborated to set a date from which the 60950-1 and 60065 standards will be replaced by 62368-1. According to America’s global safety certification company, UL LLC, and EU legislation, the new date should be December 20, 2020. 


Additional Features

This product series offers a worldwide input voltage range of 90 – 264 Vac, a load-free dispersion of less than 0.075 W, and single output voltages from 5 – 15 Vdc. Besides having several safety approvals that include CCC, GS, CE, PSE, RCM, and UL/cUL, the series has over current and short circuit protections.

The SMI6B series devices also feature a number of DC output connectors–like Micro B and USB Type C–and are compliant with FCC Part 15B Class B limits for EMI/EMC.

Custom designs are available and the series is in conformity with RoHS and REACH material compliance directives–RoHS is concerned with the global issue of consumer electronics waste while REACH tries to address the potential impacts of chemical substances on both human health and the environment. 


The range of power adapters available in CUI Inc's SMI6B Series. 


Due to their compliance with several standards and their great features, these high-efficiency adapters are ideal for anyone looking for global compatibility. They can be used on several devices in industrial, consumer, and mobile electronics.



The SMI6B Series is a continuation of CUI’s initiative to provide its customers with global solutions. 

Besides having several approvals, including IEC 62368-1, these devices have a compact design and come with standard DC output connector options. These features and approvals make them ideal for use in most countries and on a wide variety of electronics.

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