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Digi-Key Electronics Partners with Analog Devices to Develop Innovative MeasureWare Platform

October 24, 2019 by Luke James

Developed for the partnership between Digi-Key and Analog Devices, MeasureWare enables Digi-Key customers to hastily kickstart designs by providing immediate and seamless access to availability and pricing of products.

Digi-Key Electronics, the global electronic components distributor, announced in early October that it had established a partnership with Analog Devices on their new MeasureWare platform. The multi-sensor MeasureWare platform will enable Digi-Key customers to kickstart their designs by providing immediate on-demand access to the availability and pricing of certain products.


About the Digi-Key Measureware Platform

The MeasureWare platform allows Digi-Key's customers to have their own software and marketplace without having to spend valuable time configuring hardware or writing firmware. This is achieved through the use of the MeasureWare Software Studio alongside quick-start measurement platforms. 

In minutes, design engineers can be up and running with a solution that is catered to their specific needs. This means that engineers can spend more time focussing on design and deployment and spend less time on lengthy configurations. The MeasureWare platform is based on an ADMQ1001 module and it is optimized for quick and simple measurements.

The MeasureWare platform supplements Digi-Key's other offerings. These include the likes of EDA and design tools that support design process efficiency from initial concept through to completion and deployment. 

David Stein, VP of Global Supply Management for Digi-Key, said, "We're proud to be Analog Device's chosen partner for this intuitive new platform," whilst Leo McHugh, VP of Instrumentation and Precision Technology at Analog Devices, said, "Digi-Key is a trusted partner of ours and we're excited to work together to get the innovative and flexible MeasureWare solutions into the hands of customers across the globe."


MeasureWare platform logo.

The MeasureWare platform logo. Image Credit: Analog Devices. 


About Digi-Key

Digi-Key Electronics is an authorized global, full-service distributor of electronic components. To date, Digi-Key offers more than 9.2 million products to a global customer base. These products come from over 800 known name-brand manufacturers. Digi-Key also supplies a range of online resources, design tools, datasheets, and instructional articles and videos through YouTube and multimedia libraries.


About Analog Devices

Analog Devices is a global high-performance analog technology company that is dedicated to tackling the toughest challenges of modern engineering. The company does this through the provision of its "unmatched technologies that sense, measure, power, connect and interpret."

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