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Flex Power Modules’ BMR490 DC-DC Converter to Satisfy Demanding Datacom Applications

October 11, 2019 by Luke James

Flex Power Modules' BMR490 DC-DC Converter features active current sharing that allows 2 or more converters to be used parallel to one another for even the most demanding data communications applications.

The BMR490 is a non-isolated DC-DC converter in the quarter-brick form factor measuring in at 58.4 x 36.8 x 14.5 mm, and the said use of active current sharing means that higher power can be delivered on a single rail to cater to these demanding datacom applications.

Up to 6 of these BMR490 converters can be used in parallel with one another, and when this is carried out in combination with OR-ing, redundancy is increased as power will still be supplied—even if one of the converters fails. Where redundancy is not needed, moreover, the converters can still be used in parallel to one another without OR-ing diodes for better efficiency.


BMR490 DC-DC with Active Current Sharing

The DC-DC converter is able to provide 1,300W in output power—with an input voltage range of 40V to 60V, and an output voltage of 12V. It is a highly efficient converter that offers 97.3% efficiency at 53Vin and half load. 


BMR490 DC-DC converter.

The BMR490 DC-DC Converter. Image credit: Flex Power Modules.


As many as 6 BMR490 converters can be used in parallel to one another. When 2 or more modules are used, this allows for higher power on a single rail and up to 1,260W can be delivered from each converter over the full input voltage range, with a droop of 200mV at full power. Due to active current sharing and the higher level of accuracy that this achieves, better thermal balance is also delivered when compared to droop load sharing.

Olle Hellgren, director of Product Management at Flex Power Modules, said that the BMR490 with active current sharing is “the only module of its class that can offer active current sharing, with the benefits of higher accuracy that this technology delivers”


About Flex Power Modules

Flex Power Modules is a division of Flex that designs and manufactures scalable power supply solutions. These improve the operational efficiencies of advanced data centres, IT information, and communications networks. Flex Power Modules' products provide a complete onboard system solution for cloud, storage, and server applications, while delivering superior quality, performance, and cost at scale.

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