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Phoenix Digital Acquired by German Automotive Electronics Company Softing

August 23, 2019 by Luke James

German Softing AG, acquires Phoenix Digital and their secure fiber-optic modules, bolstering Softing's portfolio of IoT communications products.

On August 19th, Softing announced it had acquired Phoenix Digital Corporation (PDC) and its assets. These include Phoenix Digital's secure fiber-optic modules that simplify connectivity and eliminate setup and maintenance requirements by removing the need for typical Ethernet networking hardware when connecting PLC to PLC or PLC to smart field devices.

Wolfgang Trier, CEO of Softing, stated, "Phoenix Digital’s secure fiber-optic modules are a great addition to Softing Industrial’s portfolio of IoT communications products, expanding the technologies offered and the industries served…"


OCM communication module

The OCM communication module from Phoenix Digital. Image courtesy of Phoenix Digital. 


He added,  "The patented Phoenix Digital communications approach is secure by design. The [company's] fiber-optic packet-encapsulation technology requires no user-based software and is simple to deploy. The [system's] ring topology sets up with a single dip switch on only one of the modules. No programming, configuration, or addressing assignments are required. The PDC system is MACID based, not IP-based. The end-useroes not have to set up an IP-based system or cross-referenceables."


Strengthening Softing's IIoT Position

This acquisition represents a strategic move on the part of Softing to strengthen their position in IIoT solutions. Softing expects its acquisition to generate additional sales to the tune of EUR 3 million per year over the next few years when PDC's products have been integrated into the wider Softing portfolio. 


About Softing AG

Softing AG (Softing Industrial Automation) is a world-leading provider of industrial communication products and technologies for manufacturing and process automation. Founded in 1979 and headquartered in Germany, its core business is industrial data communications between fieldbus devices, controllers, and hosts. 

For example, PDC's fiber-optic modules complement Softing's existing range of high-quality industrial communications solutions; they enable Softing to extend the transmission media that it offers for industrial controller to optical processes by using optical fibers. 


What is Phoenix Digital?

Phoenix Digital Corporation, founded in 1992 and headquartered in Arizona, designs and manufactures fiber optic communications modules that are installed in demanding environments such as oil and gas, mining, power generation, and major infrastructures such as bridges and tunnels. 

Tamper-proofy design, Phoenix Digital's patented approach to data communications using opposing optical rings does not require any input or software from the user end and is very easy to use.

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