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Improve Power Supply Efficiency with KEMET METCOM SMD Inductors

August 02, 2019 by Sam Holland

Increasing power supply density and efficiency has been always a great challenge for designers when developing high-performance power solutions for both consumer and commercial applications.

Fortunately, KEMET electronics has tried to overcome this challenge by launching its new METCOM series Composite Power Inductors, which are ideal for developing more efficient DC-to-DC switching power supplies.

The inductors are made with a rounded copper wire surrounded by a sintered magnetic metal composite powder, which is capable of maintaining stable inductance during rush current mode and temperature variations. Because of the high saturation flux density, they enable a much stronger magnetic field than conventional ferrite inductors.

The inductors also feature a shielded construction that contains the magnetic flux within the inductor body, which helps to increase the efficiency of operation. In addition to that, it improves EMI performance and eliminates interference with surrounding circuitry. Because of that, the task of gaining power supply approvals has been simplified to a great extent.

Since the metal composite core offers high current saturation characteristics, the inductors can maintain functionality during the large ripple currents (rush current mode) typically found in modern power applications. High permeability enables Low values of DC resistance (DCR), which in turn helps the inductors to significantly reduce the self-heating during the high current operation. As a result of that, not only is the efficiency of the system increased but also it reduces the need for thermal design considerations.


A diagram of a metal composite SMD power inductor. Image courtesy of KEMET. 


Product Features 

The operating temperature of the KEMET METCOM SMD Inductors varies between −55°C to +155°C.

These inductors can support currents from 2.0 A to a maximum of 35.4 A. They have an inductance tolerance of ±20%. The inductance range of these SMD inductors, which consists of a total of 102 devices, varies between 0.10 – 47.00 µH.

These inductors also offer a very low DCR of 1.5 mΩ. Generally, the METCOM SMD Inductors have low acoustic noise and low magnetic flux leakage.



The METCOM SMD Inductors are designed specifically for use in DC-to-DC switching power supplies, power inductors, and EMI filter inductors. These inductors can be utilized in a variety of consumer and commercial power applications like high-frequency DC-DC converters including WBG (Wide Band Gap) GaN (Gallium Nitride) applications, POL (Points of Loads), battery-powered regulators, FPGA, computers, servers, tablets, and even HDTVs.

In addition to providing reliable, stable and efficient performance, METCOM inductors offer very low losses, which helps the designers to develop modern power solutions that meet stringent application requirements.

These SMD inductors are also ideal for densely packed power applications, where space is the main constraint as the footprints and profiles can be as small as 5.3mm x 5.00mm and 2.0mm respectively.

Currently, the qualification of the METCOM SMD Inductors to AEC-Q200 is in progress; once completed, these composite SMD inductors will be utilised in automotive applications as well.

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