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Integrated Device Technology’s All-in-One OB1203 Biosensor for Wearables and Mobile

November 11, 2019 by Luke James

Integrated Device Technology (IDT) recently announced its fully integrated all-in-one biosensor module for mobile and wearable devices. It is the smallest sensor of its kind currently available on the market.

Integrated Device Technology (IDT) has recently announced the release of its fully integrated all-in-one biosensor module made for mobile and wearable devices. IDT, a subsidiary of Renesas Electronics Corporation, says that the sensor is the smallest of its kind and integrates a multi-channel light sensor, a proximity sensor, and a photoplethysmography sensor. 

Measuring in at a mere 4.2mm x 2mm x 1.2mm, the optically enhanced package is tiny and includes two LEDs, drivers, the sensors, and a signal conditioning chip.


IDT OB1203 Key Features

One of the sensor’s primary features is the antiallergenic glass cover. This allows the sensor to be used in applications that require direct contact with the skin. The sensor is still able to operate with IR-inked glass too, allowing for design flexibility and allowing product designers to conceal the OB1203 sensor for a cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing end product. 

The OB1203’s fully integrated biosensor allows for reflective photoplethysmography and when an appropriate algorithm is used, it can monitor human heart rate, respiration rate, heart rate variability (e.g. during periods of significant stress), and blood oxygen saturation. Furthermore, the light sensor can be configured as an ambient light sensor to measure ambient light close to the human eye experience.


IDT OB1203 biosensor.

IDT OB1203 biosensor. Image Credit: Integrated Device Technology.


Additional Product Features


  • SpO2 measurement behind IR transmissive, but visibly dark ink

  • Industry’s smallest package: 4.2mm × 2mm × 1.2mm

  • High SNR and Crosstalk cancelation (analog and digital)

  • Fully integrated and trimmed module including two LEDs, 250mA max drive current and photo detectors 


Proximity Sensor

  • Integrated and trimmed LED source, driver (250mA) and photodetector

  • High resolution (12 to 16 bits)

  • Object movement detection (in/out)

  • Ambient light suppression > 100 klx sun light


Ambient Light/Color Sensor

  • High lux accuracy across various light sources

  • Absolute sensitivity: 0.06 lx to > 150,000 lx

  • Output resolution LS/CS: 13 to 20 bits

  • Four LS/CS gain modes: x1 to x6

  • Highly linear output, 50Hz/60Hz light and fluorescent light flicker immunity


OB1203 Sensor Applications

The OB1203 sensor’s major applications are in smartphones and other mobile devices to enable brightness control of display panels. However, the sensor is also capable of determining the proximity of nearby objects (e.g. to deactivate touch displays). The sensor also combines front-facing optical and bio-sensing features without the need for an additional optical opening. 

Both the OB1203SD-CV4 and OB1203SD-CVR come with supply voltages of 1.7V – 3.6V and operating temperatures of -40°c – +85°c. The difference between the two is that the former device is the ‘Tray’ carrier type and the latter ‘Reel’.

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