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KEMET MPXV Metal Composite Power Inductors to Reduce EMI in Automotive Applications

June 03, 2020 by Misha Khan

A new family of metal composite power inductors have been introduced by KEMET to help engineers meet the needs of the automotive market.

AECQ200-certified, the METCOM series is updated by the newly-introduced MPXV product line, developed for engineers working in the automotive industry. Efficient power conversion is provided by the new power inductors, which help to minimise electromagnetic interference issues. 

These metal composite power inductors are suitable for DC-DC switching power supplies and increase the number of Electronic Control Units (ECUs) present in automotive systems. 


Construction and Design

The MPXV metal composite power inductors are designed in such a way that the metal composite material is molded around the inductor coil core. This metal composite material is acting like a shield against magnetic flux from neighboring electronics, which is often caused by the magnetic flux present in sensitive systems. 

The temperature required to operate MPXV inductors is up to 155°C. Their physical construction makes them suitable for designing with thermal management in mind,.


KEMET MPXV inductors.

A product image of the MPXV metal composite power inductors. Image Credit: KEMET Corporation.



Designed with SMD configuration and shielded construction, these power inductors were constructed using metal composite powder. The inductance range of these inductors is from 0.10 to 100.00 µH. They are AEC – Q200 qualified and feature low acoustic noise and low magnetic flux leakage. 


Applications for Engineers

The MPXV series is optimised for use in the automotive market. These metal composite power inductors are necessitating the engineers with low power losses, low self – heating, and high efficiency. 

The inductors help with meeting industry demands for low power loss, low self-heating, and maintaining high-efficiency levels, they are also suited to ECU applications; which include electric power steering (EPS), electric oil pumps (EOP), LED headlights, meter cluster panels and head-up displays (HUD). 

 This product line was ultimately developed to meet the needs of the automotive sector and suitable for DC-DC use in switching power supplies that are vitally used in automotive applications.

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