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Matrix Industries Matrix Mercury DC/DC Boost Converters

September 26, 2019 by Luke James

Matrix Mercury DC/DC Boost Converters are ideal for deployment in circuits where the harvesting and management of surplus energy from low input voltage sources is required.

The Matrix DC/DC converter is the world's smallest energy harvesting boost converter with the highest conversion efficiency according to Matrix Industries. 

The device has nanopower energy harvesting synchronous boost with microwatt cold-start, input impedance matching, and regulated output. It is available in a 10-lead, 3mm x 3mm DFN package and a 9-bump 12mm x 10mm WLP package. 


Matrix Mercury DC/DC Boost Converter

Matrix Mercury DC/DC Boost Converter features patented transformer reuse topology that operates as a flyback converter and can run on input power as little as a few microwatts. An impedance matching feature prevents a constant impedance load and allows high-efficiency energy harvesting across a full range of input voltages.


Matrix's patented transformer reuse topology

Matrix's patented transformer reuse topology. Image courtesy of Matrix Industries.


Multiple input voltage options are available based on the transformer and the 8-bit-on-chip ADC is able to detect when voltage over current exceeds the pre-programmed limit. When this occurs, the input is switched off to ensure reliable operation. The measurement's result is then transmitted via a two-wire interface to a microcontroller. 

Matrix Industries has stated that the Mercury DC-DC converter is poised to lead a new era of energy harvesting, a new high of efficiency for maximizing power transfer, and minimized power leakage with active input monitoring. These promises are delivered by the likes of VIN as low as 10mV (VOC=20mV, RIN =5Ω) to VOUT of up to 5V, up to 80% peak conversion efficiency, and Built-in VOC monitoring through an 8-bit ADC respectively. 

The operating temperature of the DC/DC converter is -40°C to +85°C.


Potential Applications

The Mercury DC-DC converter has several use cases. 

Potential applications include remote sensors deployed in industrial sites, processes, and machinery, thermal energy harvesting, portable medical devices—including 'smart' and IoT-ready devices—consumer wearables such as smartwatches, smart meters, predictive maintenance, and building automation.


About Matrix Industries? 

Matrix Industries is a Silicon Valley-based materials science innovator founded in 2011. The company is known for its solutions that radically change the power equation with hardware made for IoT and other wearable devices.

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