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Microchip 3100E SmartRAID Adapters: Ideal for Edge Computing and Graphical Applications

June 30, 2020 by Asma Arooj

The SmartRAID 3100E adapter series are intended for high-performance Enter-price Servers, which requires maximum data availability and performance or HDD-centric data servers for increased performance through the cache.

Microchip Technology has introduced the SmartRAID adapter series, which is suitable for computing and graphical applications, storage systems, and industrial and manufacturing servers. 


The SmartRAID 3100E series connects with 12 Gbps PCIe Gen 3 SAS/SATA RAID adapters. It provides an entry-level solution with the validity and performance from cashing support and the unparalleled industry power of the SmartRAID 3100 series. The SmartRAID 3100E supports the following RAID levels such as RAID 0, 1, 1 ADM, 10, and 10 ADM. 

Both models, the 3101E-4i and the 3102E-8i, with four or eight internal SAS/SATA ports, reach the requirements of industrial PC workstations or entry-level servers. The 3101E-4i and the 3102E-8i adapters support a maximum of four and eight directly connected devices, respectively.

The SmartRAID 3100E adapter series has a built-in 1/2 GB DRAM cache, which helps bring a high-performing hardware RAID solution for cost-sensitive platforms.

It has Intel® and AMD CPU processors, which are best at every front i-e price, power, and performance.

Specifications and Features

The SmartRAID 3100E RAID adapters provide a cost-effective and efficient hardware RAID solution for engineers. They joined the Smart Storage platform to be deployed with the use of fewer drives. The SmartRAID adapters have caches of 1 GB DDR4/2100 MHz and 2GB DDR4/2100 MHz with no cache backup or advanced RAID levels of full-featured RAID adapters.

Reliability and Compatibility

The SmartRAID 3100E adapter is compatible with Smart Storage deployment tools, such as the Adaptec maxView Storage Manager and the open-source, software-defined storage plug-ins with high quality and reliability the unified Smart Storage stack, which is deployed in over 30M servers. This gives much reliability to engineers for their electrical designs. 


Fundamental Caches 

The SmartRAID 3100E RAID adapters have a built-in high-speed DRAM cache of 1Gbyte or 2 GByte, having no backup cache provides accelerated storage and performance. The adapter is suitable for 4K random read/write workloads.

Temperature Range

It operates at a temperature ranging from 0°C to 55°C with 200 LFM airflow.

Deployment Tools

It has a smart storage deployment tool such as maxView storage manager, which includes web-based GUI management utility with Windows®, Linux®, Solaris, VMware, and SMI-S support and SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol). It has remote configuration, monitoring, notification, and remote firmware updates.

ARCCONF (Command Line Interface – CLI) provides the same functions as the storage manager in environments where a GUI is not available and other storage plug-ins. 

Microchip smartRAID 3100E adapter.

Microchip's SmartRAID 3100E adapter. Image Credit: Microchip


Other Features

  • It features mix mode to use RAID and HBA devices simultaneously and allows them to connect with the same adapter with no compromise in performance for HBA mode configured drives.

  • It can manage dynamic adapter power up to 40% and provides a 60% performance acceleration.

  • It uses flash memory and super-cap technology for distributing an advanced and superior adapter cache protection solution. 

  • It has quick initialization and configurable stripe size.  


Benefits for Engineers

  • The SmartRAID 3100E adapters have been developed to provide steady and reliable hardware RAID protection.

  • It is used in systems that need application acceleration to improve application performance and entry-level enterprise RAID data protection. 

  • The SmartRAID 3100E adapters are best possible for entry-level servers and workstations that demand 6G SATA or SAS-3 drives connectivity for redundant boot support and I/O intensive applications such as databases or video editing. 

  • The SmartRAID 3100E adapters are capable of accelerating storage with up to 2GB of high-speed DRAM cache.

Microchip Technology delivers the most impactful assistance to engineers, including emphasizing performance, better efficiency, and value. The SmartRAID adapter series is suitable for computing and graphical applications, storage systems, and industrial and manufacturing servers. 

Its development tools and comprehensive product portfolio allows engineers to generate low-risk designs while decreasing total system cost and time to market for the industrial, automotive, consumer, aerospace, communications, and computing markets.

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