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Microprecision’s Miniature MP83 Microswitch for IP40 Protection

October 07, 2019 by Luke James

Microprecision, a Swiss manufacturer of precision microswitches designed for demanding applications, unveils its low-cost, versatile snap action switch for use in general purpose applications.

The MP83 microswitches

The MP83 microswitches. Image courtesy of Microprecision.


Microprecision's MP83 microswitch—a new miniature (V3) size range of microswitches—offers designers a low-cost device that achieves IP40 protection and complements its MP300 range of pre-cabled switches with IP67 protection. 

The versatile and low-cost snap action switch is perfect for general purpose use in a variety of consumer, industrial products and applications. 


The Low-Cost MP83 Microswitch

Designed to operate in a wide range of temperatures between -60 and +130°C, the MP83 microswitch is UL/EN certified, boasts a power rating of 250VAC/16A, and an activation force of 0.8N.  The MP83 operates as a change-over circuit that can be easily connected using 6.3 x 0.8mm quick connect terminals. 

A high force variant of the MP83 that also allows the use of a telescopic actuator with a pin or roller plunger is also available for applications that need it. Both variants of the MP83 offer a wide choice of easy clip-on lever actuators and the different clip positions offer flexibility for easy adaptation to the switches' operating forces and/or specific application requirements. 

The mechanical life of the two MP83 variants is up to 20 million cycles. 


Product Applications

The broad choice of actuators means the MP83 is suitable for several different applications. Due to its ultra-low-cost, it is more than ideal where budget is an overriding factor, however, on a more application-based front, it is ideal where no sealing protection is required. 

Microprecision named transport, automation, machinery, appliances, and the process industries as a few of many areas where their new range of snap-action switches could be used. 

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