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Mouser Electronics Signs Global Agreement with Formerica OptoElectronics

August 15, 2019 by Sam Holland

Mouser Electronics has recently announced that it is adding Formerica OptoElectronics fibre optic technology to Mouser’s extensive selection of components for electronics and semiconductors.

Mouser Partners with Formerica

Mouser Electronics, the world’s largest global distributor of semiconductor and other electronic components, has signed an agreement with Formerica OptoElectronics to add Formerica‘s portfolio of products to Mouser’s already-extensive selection of products. 

Mouser Electronics is already well-known among electrical engineers, not least because it stocks over 5 million products from over 750 manufacturers. No doubt, their choice to add Formerica OptoElectronics’ portfolio of products is due to Fomerica’s leadership and innovation in optical interconnect solutions.


Formerica’s Products

Formerica OptoElectronics’ portfolio includes fibre channel products, active optical cables (AOC)/fanouts, optical transceivers, optical bypass modules (OBM), and serial digital interface (SDI) transceivers.

These products are critical to a variety of applications, including 5G, IoT, industrial automation and control, digital signage, AI, medical imaging, broadcasting applications, video surveillance, data centres, and 5G/4G/LTE (Long Term Evolution) backhaul.


Formerica's OptoElectronics' fibre optic transceiver

An example of one of Formerica OptoElectronics' fibre optic transceivers. Image courtesy of Mouser.


Among Formerica’s product offerings is their line of fibre channel optical transceivers. They are gigabit-small form factor optical modules that are hot-pluggable, while offering outstanding EMI performance due to their all-metal housing. These optical transceivers also include built-in diagnostic functions, LC (Lucent connector) duplex receptacles, are RoHS-compliant, and require a single 3.3 V power supply.

Another popular Formerica product line is their 100G optical transceivers. These transceivers support 100 Gbps data rate links and can reach up to 150 m. Features of these optical transceivers include their RoHS compliance, hot-pluggability, low power consumption, and the use of a standard 12/8 lane optical fibre with a multi-fibre push on (MPO) pluggable optical connector.


Formerica OptoElectronics' optical tranceiver module

An example of one of Formerica OptoElectronics' optical transceiver modules. Image courtesy of Mouser Electronics.


Other Recent Acquisitions by Mouser

In November 2018, Mouser partnered with SamacSys, a global leader in electronic component library solutions. The purpose of this partnership was not to expand Mouser’s current product offerings, but rather to support the CAD needs of their customer base by providing free design resources from SamacSys. These resources included everything from PCB footprints and schematic symbols to 3D models for over 1 million components. 

A month later, Mouser signed a global distribution agreement with Terrabee, a maker of high-performance distance sensors, to begin distributing various models of their TeraRanger sensor portfolio. These sensors are commonly used for robotics, drones, and IoT applications.


Partnerships Are Beneficial

The partnerships established by Mouser over the past year continue to both support and further commercialise the type of innovative technology that can have a positive impact on engineering designs.

Products such as those offered by Formerica can help engineers, not only meet the right specifications when designing their products, but also to reach overarching design goals. These include, but are far from limited to, improved system efficiency, greener solutions, greater power density, faster data transfer, compact design—and the overall utilisation of emerging technologies.

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