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Murata BLF03VK Series of Compact Noise Filters for 5GHz Wi-Fi Band Impedance

October 17, 2019 by Luke James

The BLF03VK Series is the world's first range of noise filters designed specifically to guarantee impedance in the 5GHz Wi-Fi band.

Earlier this month, Murata announced the release of its BLF03VK series of noise filters that have been designed for the 5GHz Wi-Fi band.

The 5GHz frequency is one of the most widely used ranges in Wi-Fi communications, and it provides high-speed data transportation; however, heavy use can lead to signal interference when noise is generated by a device, and this can cause issues, including slower transmission and lower data processing performance.


The BLF03VK Series of Compact Noise Filters

The series includes 2 models⁠—with specifications of 220ohm (Ω) at 5GHz/0.8A-rated current and 60Ω at 5GHz/1.2A-rated current respectively. These slot into the existing BLF series of noise filters as follows:



In the new BLF03VK Series, impedance frequency characteristics are controlled to help maximise noise suppression in the 5GHz band. The suppressor comes in an ultra-compact package measuring a mere 0.6 mm by 0.3 mm.


The BLF03VK Series of noise filters

The BLF03VK Series of noise filters. Image credit: Murata.


The BLF03VK Series represents a significant improvement on the 2 current models (namely the BLF03VK221SNG with an impedance of 220Ω at 5GHz and the BLV03VK600SNL with 60Ω at 5GHz).

Previously, Murata has offered noise filters for other frequency bands, including 2.4GHz (BLF02RD_GN), and 700MHz (BLF02GD_GN and BLF03JD_GN).


Designed Especially for 5GHz Wi-Fi

As the suppressor has been designed for the 5GHz Wi-Fi band, it has several potential applications: most notably, the suppressor is ideal for manufacturers designing Wi-Fi-enabled communications equipment—including 5G equipment—such as smartphones, tablets, and base stations.


About Murata

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a global leader in the design, manufacture, and sale of passive electronic components, solutions, communication modules, and power supply modules. The company is committed to the development of advanced electronic materials and multi-functional, high-density modules.

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