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OMC Fibre Optic LED Emitter With Next-Gen Infra-Red Die Technology

October 29, 2019 by Luke James

OMC's new fiber-optic LED emitter sends data over greater distances whilst being more energy and cost-efficient by generating less heat in sensitive and enclosed designs.

OMC, a global leader in optoelectronic design and manufacture, recently announced its new fiber optic emitter, FDE854LBF. The device incorporates next-generation infra-red die technology and integral micro-optics that achieve high levels of coupled power into standard fiber optic core sizes. 

OMC claims that the fiber optic LED emitter offers higher launch powers of up to 30% greater than the previous device generation along with enhanced consistency from device to device.


OMC fiber optic LED emitter.

OMC fiber optic LED emitter. Image Credit: OMC.


The FDE854LBF LED Emitter

Building on its predecessor, the FDE854LBF device enables data to be sent up to a kilometer further depending on fiber type and size. A further advantage offered by the higher launch power of the FDE854LBF is its ability to be driven at up to 30% lower currents for applications that do not require the additional launch power. 

Introduced under OMC's continuous product enhancement initiative, the FDE854LBF is an example of the company's heavy investments in R&D that enable it to remain one of the foremost manufacturers in the industrial market for fiber optics. 


OMC's Commercial Director, William Heath, said, “It is often overlooked that when talking about an optical emitter that can deliver additional intensity, there are additional advantages for other applications which do not demand that – the device also delivers in terms of power saving and reduced heat generation and there can be applications where upgrading to the next generation device is appropriate purely on power saving grounds”.

The FDE854LBF can be procured mounted into OMC's full range of industrial fiber optic device containers to deliver complete transmitter modules. This allows for transmitter devices with long-term reliability and consistency to be supplied when coupled with OMC's proprietary Active Component Alignment technology. 

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