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Omron Opens New Application Centre in Hoofddorp Netherlands

July 28, 2019 by Luke James

Omron Electronic Components, manufacturer of electronic components for industries from home appliances to healthcare, has launched its new European application center as the next step in the company's Customer Value Generation Strategy.

Located in Hoofddorp, Netherlands, and headed by General Manager Tomonori Morimura—who moved from Japan to Europe for his position—Omron's new Application Centre is the next major development in its long-term Customer Value Generation Strategy (CVGS).

Commenting on the new Application Centre, Morimura said, “The goal of Omron Electronic Components Europe is to maximize customer’s value through our component business. Our new Application Centre will help achieve this goal".

Discussing how the centre will achieve this, he added, "First, it enables our development teams to deeply understand our local customers’ current and future business and product needs and align our road maps effectively. Second, it will bring a higher level of engineering support to Europe enabling faster response to customer needs and requests".


Who is Omron Electrical Components?

Omron Electrical Components Europe, part of the Japanese Omron Corporation, produces components for building automation, home appliances, and energy. Founded in 1933, Omron Corporation has several subsidiaries, including Omron Healthcare.


Integrated robotics is just one of many areas of Omron's automation expertise. Image courtesy of Omron.


Manufacturing everything from micro sensing devices to relays and MEMS sensors to switches, Omron Electrical Components is a global leader in the automation, healthcare, and electronic component industries. 

The launching of the Application Centre in Hoofddorp is not the first time Omron has opened a major hub in Europe, though. 

Back in December 2012, Omron opened the doors to its European Automation Technology Centre located in Barcelona, Spain. The centre provides state of the art facilities for customer training and the development of software libraries. 

Omron also has centres located in Shanghai, China, Kusatsu, Japan, and Fremont, USA. 


The Application Centre's Focus

Omron's new Application Centre will focus on four major and fast-growing markets: healthcare, mobility, energy, and automation. In doing this, they will offer innovative technologies and hope to set industry trends by integrating product marketing, business development, marketing communications, and field application engineering in one place. 

Central to the Application Centre is Omron's focus on quality and continuous improvement of its logistics and delivery timeframes through flexible production. 

The knock-on effect, it is thought, will be improvement and strengthening of Omron's core technologies. 

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