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Prism Power Partners With Schneider Electric to Advance Data Center Efficiency

November 03, 2019 by Tyler Charboneau

Prism Power Group reached an agreement with Schneider Electric earlier this year, combining their prowess in the digitalization, automation, and power management.

Experts project the data centers market to reach $135 billion in value by 2025, and both companies want a meaningful piece of the pie.


Prism Power Group is a market leader in electrical switchgear production. The company supplies clients – predominantly data centers – with power systems and associated tools. Schneider Electric provides energy management and automation solutions to businesses worldwide. Schneider operates in over 100 countries and thus has immense reach within their industry. 

As we continue shifting to complete digitalization, massive quantities of new data are created every minute of every day. This data is stored and managed both physically and in the cloud. Companies must construct numerous new data centers to accommodate this movement. These data centers require a lot of wattage to run and power is expensive; centers must make power efficiency a key goal sooner rather than later. 


Taking Charge of the Power Efficiency Race

The conditions for market penetration are perfect, and this new power duo wants to capitalize. According to Leah Garris of the Open Compute Project, a 2016 survey revealed that 43% of European data centers do not measure energy efficiency objectives. 97% of managers can point to monitoring areas that need improvement.


An electrical data center.

An eletrical data centre. Image Credit: Pixabay.


Let’s also assess the bigger picture: European data centers will account for 1.7% of global energy consumption by 2020, according to European Commission estimates. The need for innovative power solutions is greater than it has ever been.

Enter Prism Power Group and Schneider Electric. Prism’s switchgear operates at low voltages, ditching antiquated, power-hungry solutions. Meanwhile, Schneider is calling upon its EcoStruxure technology as a complementary asset. Both companies are taking steps to ensure their software and hardware components work together harmoniously. This will be a major selling point to companies in need.


Solidifying Mutual Gain

These companies have products that mesh well together, but that’s not where the relationship ends. Prism Power Group (PPG) hopes to get their foot in the door with multiple European data centers by virtue of their switchgear technology. Schneider will gain access to data center end users, boosting their market visibility and reputation. 

By providing access to EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert, Schneider is galvanizing its relationship with PPG. EcoStruxure is an internet of things (IoT) solution allowing users to track facility-wide efficiency, manage power metrics, and distribute power effectively. This is key in data centers with sensitive components. 

Lee Jones, EcoXpert Program Manager, is optimistic that their new partnership will give Schneider Electric a leg up in a challenging market. Dave Chapman, System Sales Manager at Prism, is thrilled to offer emerging customers optimized solutions. Both parties view their new collaboration as a natural fit with long-term aspirations. 

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