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Qorvo’s QPA2308 5 to 6GHz 60W GaN Power Amplifier for RF-based Designs

October 23, 2019 by Luke James

The QPA2308 microwave monolithic integrated circuit (MMIC) power amplifier from Qorvo is targeted towards commercial and military applications. The MMIC power amplifier provides high-power density and power-added efficiency for 5 to 6GHz RF-based designs.

The QPA2308 MMIC is fabricated on Qorvo's own 0.25μm GaN-on-SiC (gallium nitride-on-silicon carbide) process. Simplifying system integration and offering impressive performance, the MMIC is available in a very compact—15.24 mm x 15.24 mm—bolt-down package.


The QPA2308 MMIC Power Amplifier for RF-based Designs

The Qorvo QPA2308 boasts a saturated output power of over 60W and over 21dB of large-signal gain. Furthermore, power-added efficiency is rated at more than 47% and the RF output power (where the QPA2308 begins to draw positive gate current) is measured at 48dBm (decibel-milliwatts). Input return loss for the QPA2308 is specified at 14dB to 23dB, while the output return loss is 13dB.


Qorvo QPA2308 circuit power amplifier.

The Qorvo QPA2308 microwave monolithic integrated circuit power amplifier. Image Credit: Qorvo.


For simplified system integration, the lead-free and ROHS-compliant QPA2308 MMIC amplifier also features 2 RF ports that are matched to 50Ω. Both of these are integrated with DC-blocking capacitors. The device’s operating temperature is between −40 to 85°C and has a power dissipation of 140W at 85°C. 

The QPA2308 can be used with the QPA2308EVB1 evaluation board. The board's PCB features .01″-thick, 0.5oz copper on both sides and is made from RO6035HTC dielectric—a high-reliability material used in aerospace and defence projects. 


Designed for RF-based Applications

The QPA2308 is ideal for use in RF applications, such as space communication, military technologies, C-band radars, and satellites. Due to its high efficiency and bolt-down assembly (with a copper base), the QPA2308 MMIC reduces strain on system-level cooling to help reduce operating costs.


About Qorvo

Founded in 2015, Qorvo is an American semiconductor company that designs, manufactures, and supplies its own RF systems and solutions. These solutions are designed for and used in applications that drive wireless and broadband communications, as well as foundry services.

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