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Radiocrafts’ RC1701HP-WIZE High-Power RF Transceiver Module

October 12, 2019 by Luke James

The RC1701HP-WIZE is part of a compact surface-mounted Wireless M-Bus product family. It contains a communication controller with embedded Wize protocol and 500 mW output power.

The RC1701HP-WIZE is a Wize-compliant high-power RF transceiver module that has been designed especially for "hard-to-reach places" according to the manufacturer, Radiocrafts. Measuring in at a mere 12.7x25.4x3,7mm, the RF transceiver module contains a communications controller based on Wireless M-Bus and an embedded Wize protocol, v.1.1.  

Wize is a 169 MHz Industrial IoT (IIoT) technology designed to achieve long-range, high object penetration, and ultra-long battery life. 


The RC1701HP-Wize High-Power Module

Designed for hard-to-reach places, the module's use of Wize and the 169 MHz band means that it can be deployed in constrained environments where other transceivers may have penetration problems. With the inclusion of Wize, the module also benefits from strong industry backing in the form of the Wize Alliance—a non-profit association that promotes an international standard for IIoT. 


Radiocrafts RC1701HP-WIZE transceiver.

The RC1701HP-Wize RF Transceiver Module. Image courtesy of Radiocrafts. 


In addition to Wize and everything that comes with it, the RC1701HP module benefits from robust communications and secure data transfer. A 2-way and power-efficient communication protocol is used for sensor reading and control. 

Updates to the module are delivered over-the-air (OTA) and deployment of the module only requires a communicating object and concentrator; no repeater system, pairing, programming, or sensors are needed. The module is also very low maintenance due to its low-power nature and limited requirements for supplementary equipment.

Technical specifications include operation across 169.4 – 169.475 MHz frequency bands, 2.4/4.8/6.4 Kbps data rate, + 27dBm max output power, 2.8 – 3.6 V supply voltage, -30 to +85°C temperature range, and 41 channels.


RC1701HP-WIZE tranceiver reference data.


Providing More Options for IoT Engineers

Wize is a utility-driven IoT network that can now connect 7M sensors. It is the international standard for the IoT with the Wize Alliance targeting smart city, IIoT, and wireless metering as part of its efforts.

The RC1701HP-WIZE's inherent Wize-compliance makes it ideal for deployment in IoT applications—hence the point of making it Wize-compliant in the first place—such as smart metering, smart city and smart building wireless networks, energy management, and heavy industry. 

Furthermore, due to its power and low profile, the module is perfect for use in hard-to-reach places such as networks with isolated or buried objects. 

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