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Renesas Electronics Family of 15Mbps Photocouplers with Low Threshold Input Current Ratings

September 24, 2019 by Luke James

The photocouplers deliver low-threshold input current, high common-mode rejection, and the smallest footprint for harsh industrial environments and applications.

The family of high-speed photocouplers from Renesas Electronics offer support for high-speed communications up to 15Mbps whilst maintaining an extremely low threshold input current rating. 

Designed to withstand the harsh operating environments of factory and industrial automation equipment, the three new photocouplers meet the need for higher voltage compact systems and the requirements for stricter safety standards, smaller ICs, and lower power consumption that come with it. This is achieved thanks to best-in-class low threshold IFHL ratings—RV1S9x60A photocouplers operate at 2.0mA, 2.2mA, and 3.8mA respectively.

Furthermore, power supply heat generation is suppressed thanks to lower power consumption. This, coupled with the fact that they can operate at temperatures up to 125°C,  means that the photocouplers can be mounted near to the IGBT or MOSFET power device. 

The three photocouplers are the RV1S9160A, the RV1S9060A, and the RV1S9960A. 


The three photocouplers.

The three photocouplers. Image courtesy of Renesas Electronics. 


The RV1S9x60A Family of Photocouplers

Philip Chesley, Vice President, Industrial Analog and Power Business Division, Renesas Electronics, said, "Our newest RV1S9x60A 15Mbps photocouplers provide the ultimate balance of low power, high speed, and high noise rejection today’s customers require. The devices also comply with and surpass the stringent safety requirements of the UL61800-5-1 and UL61010-2-201 standards, giving manufacturers the best-in-class features and confidence they need to accelerate product development."

The photocouplers feature:

  • 15Mbps high-speed communications;

  • High noise tolerance;

  • High-temperature IC output;

  • Low input current;

  • Low voltage power supply operation of 2.7V to 5.5V; and

  • High temperature ranges from -40°C to +125°C (RV1S9160A and RV1S9060A), and from -40°C to +110°C (RV1S9960A).


Potential Applications

Renesas' high-speed photocouplers have a broad variety of potential applications, particularly in noisy industrial environments such as robotic arm controllers, general power inverters, and servo motor control. 

Other applications may include battery management for energy storage, charging systems, and solar and wind input power conditioners. 

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