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Renesas Expands Access to its Portfolio of Highly Sought IP Licenses

October 30, 2019 by Luke James

Additional IP solutions include the latest cutting-edge 7nm process to help designers meet a range of customer requirements in a dynamic and constantly evolving industry.

Renesas Electronics Corporation, a global leader in the supply of advanced semiconductor solutions, has recently announced an expansion of access to its highly sought portfolio of intellectual property (IP) licenses. These licenses allow designers and engineers to meet a vast range of customer requirements in an industry that is constantly evolving.

This expansion means that Renesas customers will be able to access IP such as the company's 7nm SRAM, 7nm TCAM, and leading-edge standard Ethernet time-sensitive networking. Additionally, Renesas is working on providing a system IP which includes PIM (processing in memory), which attracted attention as an AI accelerator, presented in a conference paper in June 2019.

In a press release, Renesas official Tetsuya Matsumoto said, "Since we first opened our IP license portfolio last September, the responses from fabless semiconductor companies and manufacturers has been resoundingly positive and we are pleased to continue bringing new IP offerings to the market and help accelerate the development of next-generation technologies."


Renesas portfolio of IP licenses.

Renesas portfolio of IP licenses. Image Credit: Renesas Electronics.


The Appeal of Renesas IP

The demand for Renesas IP cannot be understated. As a leading global supplier of semiconductor devices, Renesas has developed an abundance of IP solutions that are used to further the development of cutting-edge technology. 

All of Renesas' IP assets share a high level of reliability and quality one would expect from a leading global semiconductor device vendor responsible for all stages from design through manufacturing. The company also offers technical support grounded in its unmatched expertise as a semiconductor manufacturer.

With the above and other Renesas IPs, engineers can kickstart and speed up their advanced semiconductor device development projects that incorporate today's most exciting developments. Engineers that are interested in developing custom chips for applications including artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, autonomous vehicles (AVs), and ASICs for 5G networks  can leverage Renesas IP in their subsystems design, allowing them to concentrate on developing their own competitive IP assets, and thereby speeding up the advanced semiconductor development process. 


Supporting Engineers' Semiconductor Development Efforts

To support engineers, Renesas has established a network of partner companies that are willing to support the unique needs of users of Renesas IP. It is hoped that this will accelerate technological innovations and product development by knocking down barriers to entry. 

Renesas opened its extensive IP license portfolio in September 2018, offering access to over 40 licenses. In 2019, the company received over 100 inquiries and have started supplying IPs to many users. Renesas aims to exceed IP sales annual market growth rate of 10% and will expand the provision of IP and support systems while creating new, and expanding old, IP markets.

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