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RICOH’s 1525 LDO Voltage Regulator for Automotive Applications

October 10, 2019 by Luke James

The R1525 is a low supply current (42 V input 200 mA) voltage regulator designed for automotive applications.

The R1525 series from RICOH is a low supply current voltage regulator that features up to 42 V input and a 200 mA output. The voltage regulator provides best-in-class noise immunity to RF noise that is generated externally, making it suitable for the automotive power source for car accessories. 


The R1525 Voltage Regulators by RICOH

The CMOS-based R1525 voltage regulators are robust enough to not only survive but perform in harsh conditions, operating up to 24 V and tolerating peak voltages of 60 V with a duration under 200ms. Minimum operating voltage starts at a mere 3.5 V which makes the R1525 ideal for use at severe cranking conditions. Customized operating temperature ranges are available at -40 to 105°C, -50 to 125°C, and -40 to 125°C.


R1525 Features

The R1525 features excellent output voltage accuracy of 0.6%. and its low-temperature drift coefficient is a mere 60ppm/°C. This makes it suitable as a highly reliable power source. Another key feature is the minimizing of current consumption for always-on automotive applications to extend battery life. The R1525 contributes to this by reducing current consumption with 2.2 µA in On-mode and 0.1 µA in Off-mode.


Block diagram of the R1525

Block diagram of the R1525. Image courtesy of RICOH.


Other features include:

  • Over-current protection that reduces output current when overloaded;

  • Short protection via an embedded fold back short circuit that detects a short circuit and decreases output current to 80 mA;

  • Thermal protection that shuts off the regulator when a temperature of 160°C or higher is detected. Regulator resumes at 135°C; and

  • A protected pin layout that prevents system failure when any adjacent pins are shorted. 


Potential Applications

Given that our vehicles are now equipped with multiple electronics and wireless applications such as connected car systems (e.g. vehicle-to-everything), the vast level of EMC noise created needs to be mitigated in order to prevent interference with other on-board electronics systems. 

The R1525 series of voltage regulators have been designed for automotive applications and specifically tailored for this purpose. It has the ability to reduce EMC noise in the high-frequency band from 10 MHz to 1 GHz and provide a stable output voltage.

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