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Silicon Labs POE Portfolio Adds 90W Power Sourcing Equipment

March 22, 2020 by Mohsin Naveed

In the developing and innovating field of IoT and automation. Silicon Labs introduces an inclusive Power Over Ethernet (POE) portfolio, adding 90W power sourcing equipment.

Considering the development trend in the innovative field of automation and integrated circuitry. Silicon Labs has introduced an inclusive Power over Ethernet (PoE) portfolio that further adds the 90W power sourcing equipment to the rostrum. The new 90W PoE complies with the IEEE 802.3bt standards. Providing double the power of standard PoE, it expands the capabilities of IoT wireless technologies.


The 802.3bt PoE Portfolio's New PD and PSE products:


The Si3471 power sourcing equipment (PSE) from Silicon Lab’s PoE portfolio

The Si3471 power sourcing equipment (PSE) from Silicon Lab’s PoE portfolio. Image from Silicon Labs.


The Si3471 power sourcing equipment (PSE) controller is an autonomous PSE that is designed to be used in PoE midspan and injectors, being autonomous, it requires no software or host or any microcontroller. It provides power output up to 90W. Along with multi-point detection and thermal overload detection, the Si3471 PSE controller comes in a QFN-38 5mm x 7mm packaging which minimizes the system cost and complexity.

The Si3471 provides complete power over ethernet injectors and switches along with the single port mid-spans, enabling the developers to integrate it in IP phone systems, smartgrid, industrial switches or any other single 90W ethernet port.


The Si3474 power sourcing equipment (PSE).

The Si3474 power sourcing equipment (PSE). Image from Silicon Labs.


The Si3474 quad Ethernet port power sourcing equipment (PSE) controller:

Supporting up to four 90 W 802.3bt PoE ports or up to eight 30 W 802.3at/af PoE ports, the Si3474 quad ethernet port PSE controller provides an all-round solution for industrial and commercial ethernet switches and security recording equipment.

Like the Si3471, the Si3474 also be used in the autonomous mode or host mode with full power on in each port, allowing the developer to manage power via an I2C interface with the help of a full-featured register map. The Si3474 PSE is available in a 56-pin 8 mm x 8 mm package with an industry-standard pinout.


The Si34701 powered device (PD)

The Si34701 powered device (PD). Image from Silicon Labs.


The Si34071 single-chip powered device (PD) solution:

The Si34071 single-chip PD merges the 802.3bt interface with a high-efficiency DC-DC converter capable of achieving maximum end-to-end efficiency. Including a simple, 9600-baud UART interface to the system MCU. 

The Si34071 delivers high power for 5G small cells, wireless access points, and IoT gateways. The Si34071 is available in a small 32-pin 5 mm x 5 mm QFN packaging, making it an optimal choice to be used in security cameras, wireless access points, and IP phones.


The Silicon Labs’ Power over Ethernet (PoE) portfolio

The Silicon Labs’ Power over Ethernet (PoE) portfolio. Image from Silicon Labs.


The latest edition of the PoE portfolio by Silicon Lab shows a promising future not only for the company itself but the electronics and automation industry too.

With its addition of the 90W state-of-the-art autonomous PSE and PD, it will not only ease and add simplicity to the designing and integration in many fields, may it be networking, automotive, security, or surveillance. Not only that, but it will also lead the way to the research and development of newer technologies such as home automation or 5g technology.

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