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Smallest Ferrite Chips for Automotive Engineers with Improved Efficiency

July 29, 2020 by Misha Khan

Murata Manufacturing has launched the world’s smallest chip ferrite beads: the BLM18SP_SH1 series. They are designed for engineers with the objective of aiding automotive power supply applications.

The BLM18SP_SH1 series of chip ferrite beads is made to provide automotive powertrain safety with the capability of withstanding temperatures of up to 150ºC. The product is especially designed for engineers who are working on noise suppression components that are present in power line circuits. Murata has also now started the shipment of BLM18SP_SH1 samples.


Why This Product Is Developed for Engineers

The electronic functions of automotive systems are being enhanced day by day. With this comes the need for improved noise suppression components for engineers.

Due to various recent developments in the automotive industry, cars are now fabricated with electric components like radar, cameras, electronic control units, and so on. To ensure a stable power supply to all components and to take countermeasures against the noise of power supplies, Murata’s world-smallest ferrite chips (pictured below) are developed with the main purpose of improving noise suppression.

A close-up of three chip ferrite beads, from Maruta’s BLM18SP_SH1 series. They are the world’s smallest of their kind and have been placed next to a ruler for scale. Image Credit: Murata Manufacturing.


The Construction and Design of Murata’s Ferrite Beads

Again, Murata’s BLM18SP_SH1 series chip ferrite beads are the very smallest of their kind: they are contained within packaging of 3.2 mm by 1.6 mm. At 125ºC, the ferrite chips handle large currents (120ohm/4A) that are considered suitable for power lines. This is helpful for engineers who are working with design specifications for internal and external electrodes at temperatures of up to 150ºC. The BLM18SP_SH1 series’ design specification helps in creating noise suppression for power lines.


The Specifications and Features of Murata’s Ferrite Beads

As compared to the conventional designs in the BLM21PG series, Murata’s BLM18SP_SH1 series comes with a base area that is 50% smaller than its predecessors. This is very beneficial for engineers working with nano designs.

The product is in compliance with AEC – Q200*5 and is designed to support up to 6A-rated current and an impedance of 1 kiloohm (kΩ). It consists of five different components whose range comprises impedance values from 30Ω to 1kΩ. It is operational at temperatures from −55°C to 125°C.


Further Advantages for Engineers

  • The BLM18SP_SH1 series’ said miniaturised base area provides more flexibility to engineers who are designing automotive power supply circuits, particularly when compared to previous products.
  • The series helps engineers by offering improved acquisition efficiency and impedance, followed by lower resistance.
  • The series is used to aid engineers who need to meet the demands of designing modern advanced driving assistance systems, or ADAS.
  • They help in radiating electromagnetic emissions based on reduced conduction.


Ultimately,  the BLM18SP_SH1 series’ reduced base area grants plenty of flexibility to engineers when designing their required systems (particularly ADAS). Murata’s products are the world’s smallest ferrite chips, and they are helping engineers—again, especially in automotive applications—thanks to their improved efficiency and impedance.

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