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Smiths Interconnect Waterproof M23 Circular Connector Series

August 04, 2019 by Sam Holland

Many industrial applications are in need of robust, waterproof interconnectors that can be used for submersible motors and pumps in underwater environments. Accordingly, it is also required that these connectors maintain the same high electrical and mechanical durability even under dry conditions.

In response to the above market demands, Smiths Interconnect recently announced its M23 circular connector series, which meets all the requirements and is fully qualified for use in underwater environments.


Product Overview

Smiths Interconnect’s M23 Power & Signal Circular Connectors are designed using the well-known Hyperboloid Contact Technology, ‘Hypertac’, which is used in several industries, such as food, medicine, chemical, and maritime.

Generally, Hypertac is used in environments where safety and reliability are critical. Also, the technology ensures immunity to shock and vibration, low insertion and extraction forces, minimal contact resistance, long contact life, and high current ratings. Resultantly, Hypertac is ideal for applications that encounter harsh and corrosion-prone conditions.

For proper installation of these connectors, crimp contacts are used to guarantee a high-quality connection, which reduces the installation costs. The electrical and mechanical characteristics of the contact ensure high performance, reliability, many mating cycles, low contact forces, and electrical stability.

Furthermore, the M23 connector system offers outstanding protection against electromagnetic interference through full 360° screen shielding and offers excellent shock and vibration resistance in extreme conditions, such as chemical, aggressive gas, and polluted environments.

The M23 series has passed the IP67 sealing standard, which requires a stable operation to a depth of 5 metres for a period of over 72 hours. They are also compliant with UL 1977: the “standard for safety component connectors for use in data, signal, control, and power applications”, to quote UL, the global safety certification company.


The M23 Power & Signal Circular Connectors. Image courtesy of Smiths Interconnect.


Product Features 

The M23 series connectors are specifically designed to operate under harsh environmental conditions with a temperature between −40°C and 125°C. The contact resistance of the M23 series connectors is minimal (<5 mΩ). And, these connectors can be installed at high altitudes of up to 2,000 m. 

They are made using high-grade stainless steel and advanced polymers. Generally, a copper and zinc alloy is used for the shell and a nickel/chromium alloy for the plating.

The acceptable cable diameter for these connectors is 5 to 18.5 mm. 


Product Applications 

Using one M23 connector, it is possible to transmit signals, data, and power, without any data loss. Therefore, they are primarily used for connecting electrical drives. The connectors can also be used in servos and drives, encoders, machinery, and robotics applications. 

Due to durable electrical and mechanical characteristics, the M23 series connectors can also be used in harsh climate conditions. They are RoHS-compliant, and therefore environmentally-friendly.


Ultimately, the Smith Interconnect M23 Series Connectors possess a lot of significant characteristics, like low contact resistance; shock and vibration-proofing; 360° EMC shielding; high resistance against oxidation and corrosion; high electrical, mechanical reliability, and durability under dry conditions.

All in all, they can provide reliable, stable and failure-free performance—even in extreme industrial environments.

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