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Swissbit AG Further Secures Its Manufacturing Base in Germany with the Opening of a New Electronics Production Facility

January 02, 2020 by Luke James

Swissbit, a data storage specialist, has recently officially opened its new state-of-the-art electronics production facility in Berlin.

With the constantly rising demand for memory and embedded IoT solutions, spurred on by a constant stream of new technology trends and growing digitalization and networking of devices in the IoT, manufacturers like Swissbit are feeling the pressure. 

In a bid to increase the company’s production capacity and meet demand, Swissbit has expanded its Berlin manufacturing base with the opening of a new electronics production facility.


Tripled Production Capacity for Highly Integrated Electronics

Swissbit AG has been operating in Germany since 2002, however, it was not until recently until it strengthened its long-term commitments to Berlin as a European manufacturing base. 

Taking just over one year to construct and complete, the expansion of its current Berlin-based manufacturing facility has more than tripled the company’s production capacity for highly integrated electronics. Going live in October 2019, the facility, with almost 2,600m2 of dedicated production floor space, carries out complex precision manufacturing of the latest memory and security modules for industrial use. 

With growing digitization continuing to place immense pressure on manufacturers of industrial memory products for everything from automotive to medical applications and beyond, plus the increased networking capacity of IoT devices, Swissbit’s expansion of their Berlin-based facility is a carefully calculated and timely move. 


Swissbit production facility floor.

A Swissbit production facility floor. Image Credit: Swissbit.


Silvio Muschter, Swissbit AG CEO, said, “At our new manufacturing site in Berlin, we are able to showcase our state-of-the-art advanced packaging technologies and demonstrate the precision we achieve for the production of our highly integrated packages and memory modules. Normally, to experience similar facilities in action you would need to fly to Asia”.

The expansion is good news for the German jobs market, too. Swissbit is on track to increase the number of jobs in development and production from 200 to 300 by 2023. 

Swissbit’s expansion is not just about meeting demand, either. In the future, the company hopes to offer access to its technology and processes to other developers of high-tech products, such as production equipment for assembly, as a standalone service. 

Overall, Swissbit invested 20 million EUR into the expansion and construction of its new production facility. 

Muschter added, “We’re excited to be close to an important developer and start-up scene and thrive on the cooperation opportunities with local research and educational institutions that the location offers. We have already been actively fostering our involvement in these communities since 2002 and want to continue expanding – and that includes the creation of new high-tech jobs here in Berlin.”

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