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TDK GXE600 Power Supply with a Product Life Expectancy of 7 Years

November 14, 2019 by Luke James

The GXE600 is a medically certified series of power supplies that offer constant voltage / constant current (CVCC) operation through RS-485 communication.

TDK’s GXE600 is a reliable AC-DC power supply. It is the first convection cooled 600W AC-DC power supply produced by TDK with a digital communication interface, no-fan solution, ultra-high efficiency of 95% at 230VAC of input voltage, and preventative maintenance enabled by status monitoring with serial communication. 


GXE600—A Power Supply With 7 Years on the Clock

The GXE600 can be operated without any need for forced air cooling (the “no-fan solution”) which minimizes acoustic noise produced by the AC-DC power supply. Its ability to read back the remaining electrolytic capacitor lifetime and analyze alarm history helps to assist preventative maintenance and troubleshooting, too. It has a life expectancy of seven years, making it a super robust solution for use in a variety of fields.


The GXE600

The GXE600. Image courtesy of TDK.


Thanks to all these features, no cooling fan maintenance is necessary, unlike with conventional 600W power supply products where maintenance is a regular occurrence. Furthermore, the risk of foreign materials entering the product is minimized, and its life is extended with an expectancy of seven years, making it a super robust solution for use in a variety of fields.

The power supply also has digital control and is equipped with serial communication, RS-485. These features facilitate communication between the end-user device and the power supply.


Features Summary

  • 600W convection cooled, no fan required

  • Ultra-high efficiency of up to 95% at 230VAC of input voltage

  • A long product life expectancy of 7 years

  • Control and monitoring of voltage, current, and protection enabled by RS-485

  • A low profile of 41mm in height

  • Equipped with dual input fuse as required for medical equipment

  • Certified with A/V and ICTE standards IEC62368-1 and IEC60950-1

  • Certified with MEE standard and Medical Electrical Equipment Standard IEC60601-1

  • A broad variable range of CVCC control (CV control range of 20 to 120%, CC control range of 20 to 100%)

The GXE600 is ideal for use in measuring equipment, medical equipment, semiconductor manufacturing, railways, and battery applications. 

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