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TE Connectivity Expands VAL-U-LOK Connectors for Higher Current Applications

July 21, 2019 by Sam Holland

TE Connectivity has recently expanded their VAL-U-LOK connector line to include high current 13 A connectors with a maximum 600VAC rating. This is a major addition to their existing portfolio of connectors and greatly expands its usefulness to higher power applications.

TE Connectivity High Current VAL-U-LOK Connectors

TE Connectivity's newest additions to the VAL-U-LOK Connector product line have both pin headers and contacts rated 13 A with a maximum 600 VAC rating (high current) (whereas legacy products have a maximum current rating of 9 A). These connectors support higher current requirements and are useful in industries that range from automotive to security.

The 13 A high-current contacts are backwards compatible with the same crimping tools used for the 9 A contacts, making them easy to integrate into existing designs. They also remain fully compatible with existing housings that support wire-to-board and wire-to-wire applications, as well as panel-mount requirements. 

The vertical headers for the high current connectors come in a choice of glow wire test (750°C, no flame) / UL 94 V-2 or V-0 material, or UL 94 V-0 material. These new headers mate with existing housings that are UL 94 V-0 flammability and glow wire-rated. These housings have high-conductivity socket terminals offered in 18 to 22 American Wire Gauge (AWG) and 16 AWG. However, the high-current pin and socket contacts can also be used in housings for wire-to-wire applications.


One of VAL-U-LOK's High Current Connector rectangular 2-plug housings. Image courtesy of TE Connectivity.


Standard VAL-U-LOK Connectors Features

TE Connectivity’s VAL-U-LOK connectors offer wire-to-wire and wire-to-board connectors with contacts (which are available either as loose pieces or in strip form) on a 4.20 mm centerline pitch. They are available in both single-row 3 to 5 position, and dual-row 2 to 24 position, models. Header assemblies, as well as plug and receptacle housings, are available; plus, these connectors are UL and CSA-approved. 

Note that crimp, snap-in pin and socket contacts are used to terminate 26 to 16 [0.12 to 1.2 mm2] AWG wire with insulation diameters up to 3.10 mm. Also note that the pin headers are available with or without polarisation pegs to aid with correct orientation on the board.


A VAL-U-LOK rectangular 14-plug wire-to-board power connector. Image courtesy of TE Connectivity. 


Applications of VAL-U-LOK Connectors

These connectors work well in a variety of applications where power must be connected to a board or subsystem. For engineers working in commercial or residential security, they also apply strongly to indoor/outdoor lighting and security systems. Plus, for those involved in computer and/or hardware engineering, the products have already proved well suited to networking systems, storage systems, gaming equipment, and desktop computers. 

Home appliances, HVAC system controls, vending machines, industrial controls, automobiles, and even medical devices use them. With the increase in current and voltage rating, the usefulness of these connectors has expanded to include applications that require significantly more amperage.


Learning More

If you're looking for electrical connectors that can handle higher levels of current, you can find more details about the High Current VAL-U-LOK Connectors—plus other products that are compatible with them—on TE Connectivity’s website, as well as in their quick reference guide.

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