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Cal Test CT4140A 4mm Fuse Adapter Prioritises User and Electrical Safety Measures

August 06, 2019 by Tyler Charboneau

Cal Test Electronics has unveiled a new 4mm fuse adapter, setting their sights on ultimate flexibility and electrical safety. The CT4140A is designed to accommodate a variety of electrical applications, delivering on its potential as an essential tool for engineers.

The adapter is compatible with numerous existing setups. This ensures that the CT4140A will have plenty of opportunities to stand out among other supplier offerings in the electrical engineering field.


Specifications and Benefits

Per Cal Test, their newest fuse adapter is an inline model outfitted with a 4 mm sheathed plug (of the banana variety) to 4 mm sheathed jack connections. This arrangement facilitates quick-and-easy fuse replacements for a variety of electrical applications. Accordingly, its 4 models support amperages from 0.5 A to 2.0 A, scaling in increments of 0.5 A between versions.

The adapter supports 1,000 V fuses at 50 kA – the probe’s body itself being IEC-rated for 1,000V CAT IV. It’s designed to inspect source-connected circuits at a building’s low-voltage mains installation, according to Cal Test’s user guide.

The adapter accommodates 6.3 x 33 mm type ceramic fuses, which are deemed FF: very fast acting fuses. These stout fuses can handle higher levels of current than those made of alternative compounds. Cal Test states that it can operate safely at −0 to 60 °C. 

Each adapter comes with 8 coloured rings, aimed at simplifying the organisation for owners of multiple. These make it simple to quickly identify adapters best suited to various tasks, eliminating guesswork. When replacing fuses, users can easily employ the adapter’s screw-type mechanism.


A diagram of the CT4140A fuse adapter, taken from Cal Test's user guide. Image courtesy of Cal Test Electronics.


Notes on Safety

The CT4140A is built with user safety in mind. Electrical applications require a lot of voltage, and fuse changes often place engineers at risk during maintenance. Cal Test Electronics’ latest design aims to mitigate such dangers through its internal fuse. This fuse acts rapidly during a surge, “cutting power in fractions of a second”, to quote Cal Test’s website.


A look inside Cal Test's latest adapter. Image courtesy of Cal Test Electronics.


Arc flashes are common hazards associated with electrical systems. The CT4140A’s ceramic fuse design is stable under heavy load. The adapter’s reinforced insulation and thick sheathing further diminishes these risks, allowing users to focus on the required testing and maintenance. Cal Test’s adapter is also RoHS-compliant, meaning its features meet and/or exceed EU standards. 


A Superb Tool for the Toolbox

Overall, Cal Test Electronics’ new 4mm fuse adapter is an affordable, standout tool for all manner of electrical engineers. It promises exceptional safety, fits a variety of applications, and requires a minimal learning curve. Installation and connections are a breeze, saving both novices and seasoned professionals time on the job.

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