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The LUXEON 5050: Lumileds Brightening Emitter for Lighting Applications

September 06, 2019 by Luke James

The LUXEON 5050 by Lumileds boasts the industry's highest flux and efficacy in a robust package that enables brighter, longer-lasting light fixtures.

Lumileds, a company leading the pack with their innovative lighting solutions, unveiled the LUXEON 5050 Square in mid-August.


Product Overview

The LUXEON 5050 Square Light Emitting Surface (LES) LED is a square, multi-die emitter that delivers industry-leading flux levels and efficacy for directional lighting applications. 

Building on the legacy of their LUXON 5050 Round emitter—the go-to solution for down and streetlights—the LUXON 5050 Square boosts flux by around 25% and delivers the highest efficacy of any 5050 package currently available on the market. 

The 5050 Square doesn't just deliver on the flux and efficacy fronts, though—the device also outperforms many competing modules in terms of corrosion resistance testing. This allows for lower flux degradation over time and less of a shift in color when deployed in harsh environments (e.g. in areas with unpredictable, harsh, and/or rapidly changing weather.) 

Mei Yi, Product Manager for LUXON 5050, said, “The LUXEON 5050’s EMC (Epoxy Molding Compound) package demonstrates corrosion resistance that is comparable to a ceramic package. Standard industry testing in a sulfur environment also shows the LUXEON 5050 Square demonstrated significantly less flux loss and color shift than competing 5050 size emitters. This enables a much more robust design in the end application."


Lumileds LUXEON 5050

The LUXEON 5050 Square. Image courtesy of Lumileds.


Technical Specifications

The LUXON 5050 Square's typical flux is 825 lumens at 170lm/W (lumen per watt) when a 5000k 70CRI emitter is driven at 160mA. It is offered in a color temperature range of 2200K—6500K with a minimum CRI of 70. Voltage options are 6V and 30V. The 5050 Square is tested at 85°C to ensure performance under real-world conditions. 

This is similar to the 5050 Round (2200K—6500K temperature range at 70, 80, and 90CRI with voltage options of 6V and 24V.) 

To allow for a reduction in heatsink requirements, the LUXEON 5050 Square's fixture size has been reduced by the device's low thermal resistance substrate of 1.4°C /W. 


About Lumileds?

Lumileds is a developer and manufacturer of LEDs, lightbulbs, and other related products for the automotive industry. Founded in 1999 as a joint venture between Philips Lighting and Agilent Technologies, the company is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands and employs over 9,000 people across 30 countries. The company is a leader in automotive lamps. 

IoT and mobile companies that require innovative lighting solutions also use Lumileds to bring their ideas to life.

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