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The Molex Micro-Fit Connector System Series for Power and Signal Applications

September 17, 2019 by Luke James

The Micro-Fit product family consists of 3.0mm pitch connectors that are available in multiple variants and have a maximum current rating of 8.5A.

The Micro-Fit line of connector systems are available in multiple circuit sizes and cable lengths for use in power and signal applications. To help deliver best-in-class performance, the connectors offer a 3.00mm pitch, an 8.5A maximum current rating, and several design options such as blind-mating and compliant pin features. 


Product Line Features

The Micro-Fit product line includes the Micro-Fit 3.0 Connectors, Micro-Fit BMI Connectors, Micro-Fit CPI Connectors, and Micro-Fit RMF Terminals, each one of which has its own unique features and benefits. 


Micro-Fit 3.0 Connectors

The 3.0 Connector offers header retention and strain relief options, with fitting nails and solderable clips available to those that need them. It also has SMT, press-fit, or surface mount-compatible versions available for ultimate design flexibility and to meet the need of a wide range of applications. 


Molex micro fit connectors

Molex's range of micro-fit connectors. Image courtesy of Mouser.


High-temperature LCP headers can withstand up to 260ËšC IR reflow processes and fully polarized housings prevent accidental mismating. An optional TPA (terminal position assurance) feature is available that reduces the chance of assembly errors. All terminals are fully isolated which protects against damage during handling and mating. 

  • Circuits: 2 – 24 

  • Pitch 3.0mm

  • Available in both single and dual row. 


Micro-Fit BMI Connectors

Blind-mating wire-to-wire and wire-to-board connectors offer a huge range of options for applications across several verticals. Plus, a self-aligning feature molded into housings allows up to 2.54mm of leeway when it comes to misalignment. 

  • Circuits: 4 – 24

  • Pitch: 3.0mm

  • Allow misalignment of up to 2.54mm


Micro-Fit CPI (Compliant Pin) Connectors

The Compliant Pin CPI Connectors use an eye-of-the-needle press-fit design that provides a reliable connection, and the need to purchase additional terminals is eliminated by the standard Micro-Fit female and male crimp terminals. 

  • Circuits: 2 – 24

  • Pitch: 3.0mm

  • Compliant pin, press-fit headers eliminate the need to solder.


Micro-Fit RMF Terminals

Finally, the RMF (Reduced Mating Force) Terminals deliver design flexibility in the form of 22 to 24 and 26 to 30 wire AWG, a reduction in engagement and disengagement forces for ergonomics, and the option to include factory-applied lubricant for extra durability up to 250 mating cycles. 


Product Applications

The Micro-Fit family of products by Molex has a wide range of potential applications. 

While consumer devices are the obvious one—gaming machines, printers, washing machines, white goods, and electronics such as printers and scanners—others include data and communications devices such as routers, medical diagnostic equipment, telecommunications systems, and aerospace and defense, particularly military commercial-off-the-shelf. 

The 2 to 24 circuit size of the product family means that they are also perfect for wire-to-board and wire-to-wire applications such as satellites, computers, and mobile devices.

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