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The Rohde & Schwarz NGM200 Power Supply for Battery-powered Equipment

August 31, 2019 by Sam Holland

The Rohde & Schwarz NGM200 power supply series are high-quality DC power supplies that support the development of battery-powered equipment that operates up to 20V and 6A.

The R & S NGM200 DC power supply series, which includes the 1-channel NGM201 and the 2-channel NGM202, is almost identical to the NGL-series (both power supplies share the same heritage). However, the NGM200 is an updated version that sets new standards for power supplies.


R&S NGM200: Notable Features

  • Large touchscreen for ease of operation: the capacitive LCD touchscreen is bright, crisp, and effortless to read with its intuitive menu interface. The screen is the central operating element that makes it easier to operate the power supply.

  • 6.5-digit resolution: this offers readings with up to the said 6.5 digit resolution, when measuring power, current, and voltage. The hi-res display gives extra information, like power values and statistics.

  • 2-quadrant operation: the R&S NGM200-series incorporates a 2-quadrant architecture, which enables it to be used both as a source and a sink to simulate batteries, as well as to operate as an electronic load.

  • Battery simulation: It is largely the presence of the NGM-K106 Battery Simulator in the NGM200-series that makes it stand out from the NGL200-series. This battery simulation feature enables the NGM200-series to simulate 2 virtual batteries simultaneously, and can simulate both the charging and discharging behaviour of any battery.

  • Optimised load recovery time: the NGM200 power supplies have specially-developed circuits that enable them to achieve a load recovery time of < 30 µs with minimal overshoot. This makes them a favourite for supplying sensitive components.

  • Low ripple and noise values: this allows the user to supply voltage to sensitive designs without any interference.

  • FastLog data logging function: this grants users faster data logging at fixed rates. This function captures spikes even in the µs range, and it helps engineers to better analyse a battery test, given that they can capture variations in voltage or current at such a short level. The NGM200-series logs measurement values at an acquisition rate of up to 500 ksamples/second. This enables the power supply to capture fast variations in voltage or current.


Other features of the R&S NGM200 power supplies include the incorporation of 2 voltage and 4 current measurement ranges, which results in a read-back resolution of 10 nA / 5 µV in the smallest range. Plus, a built-in digital voltmeter.


The Rohde and Schwarz NGM200 power supply series. Image courtesy of Rohde and Schwarz.


R&S NGM200: Applications

Rohde & Schwarz launched the 1-channel and 2-channel power supplies to aid in the development and testing of battery-based systems. Accordingly, the NGM200-series is perfect for:

  • Battery tests.

  • Power consumption tests.

  • The simulation of voltage drops.

  • Supplying power to sensitive DUTs.


The power supply series fits a variety of test and measurement scenarios, from equipping a school lab to incorporate a power supply into a production test system. Moreover, the technology will appeal to users who work with battery-operated devices and/or DC-to-DC converters, or those who wish to evaluate rechargeable batteries. 

Altogether, Rohde & Schwarz has extended the range of its specialised power supplies with the release of the new R&S NGM200-series: a modern, feature-rich, and easy-to-use big brother to the NGL200-series. The NGM200-series certainly suits engineers who are looking for a power supply that supplies stable outputs with minimum residual ripple and noise.

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