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How to draw a new pcb

September 19, 2018 by zheng bean

How To Draw A New PCB

Draw a .PCB four documents contained in

First create a new PCB project

File-> New-> Project-> PCBProject

1. Schematic file name.SchDoc


2. Principle library file name.SchLib

File->New->Library->Schematic Library

3. Package library file name.PcbLib

File->New->Library->PCB Library

4.PCB file name.PcbDoc


principle library file: 

draw all the symbols (device inside the schematic)

system comes with

draw their own;

Schematic file:

drawing schematic diagram;

wire, network label, other electrical components;

Package library file:

the shape and electrical characteristics of all devices on the PCB board;

PCB file: the

last file sent to the manufacturer;

Two: unit conversion

1mil = 0.0254 mm

100mil = 2.54mm

1inch = 1000mil = 25.4 mm

3. Some commonly used shortcut keys

ZA display all the things currently drawn

DO change principle paper size normal use C

PP place pin

X, Y mirror operation can make the component about the X axis or Y axis symmetry

ED delete

TA unified named

Tools-> Footprint manager View package, add package (schematic)

Tools->New Component Create a new component (principal library file)

Tab Modify property

Ctrl + M Measure distance

Ctrl + G Modify the display grid, pay attention to the multiple relationship (very important)

EJC lookup Components

Ctrl + shift + Spaces form corners

Tools->New Blank Component Create a new package of own paintings (package library files)

Toola->Component Wizard Guided package drawings (system comes with)

Q Switch unit

TDR Last copper after error detection

G Modify the capture grid, modify the

DR setting rules (PCB file) when the movement is inconvenient

Report->Project Report->Bill of Materials (PCB file)

keypad * Punch (PCB file)

Four few notes and techniques.

Should Component schematic library files when drawing at the center;

the cross pin is placed when to put the outside;

schematic network reference numerals corresponding to the wireless connection;

encapsulation library file can be provided by a reference line The way to draw the package diagram;

when many of the same components are packaged, you can change the component to the package by right-clicking the component -> Find similar objects->Description into the same->Component Designator;

delete the PCB of the PCB file. ->Filter Then enter Iskeepoutlayer;

put a lay (package library file) attribute laye to multi-layer;

in the package library file, set the coordinate origin to Pin_1 or center->

Edit->set after encapsulating a file Reference->pin_1 or center (very important)

power line generally choose 30mil, right-click new rule in Design->rules->width ->net->VCC (for example)

pin pad, border with silkscreen layer (package library file)

the PCB power supply wiring drawing portion preferentially

found then directly introduced directly modify Design-> import (PCB schematic drawing file error or an error when the package drawing wiring)

Points to note when laying copper:

Get More Info Of PCB Design.

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