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How to Find Ideas for 3D Printing

June 25, 2020 by Ingeniería 3D Digital

When you need to 3D print an object, it is necessary to have a 3D model of it. Here are websites to help you!


When you need to 3D print an object, it is necessary to have a 3D model of it. For this, you can use 3D design software if you have time and know these CAD tools. If not, you can always hire a 3D printing service that usually offers the modeling service as well.

In this article, we will also talk about internet repositories where you can find many 3D models that can save you from having to do it yourself.

What is a 3D Model?

We call the computer file containing information about the geometry of an object a 3D model. Any geometry, however large or complex, is made up of many triangles. From the density of these triangles, the surface quality of the printed part follows, that is, if the part contains little definition, few triangles, the faces of the object will be polygonal or faceted.

Faceted Image

This digital file can be saved in most 3D design programs in various standard formats such as STL, STEP, IGES, etc. It will be precisely one of them, and more properly the STL the one used for programming 3D printing.

Internet Repositories

If you do not have time to design your 3D model, or do not know the techniques and methods, you can hire any of the 3D printing companies that offer this service, or perhaps you can download 3D models in any of the repositories that we indicate below.

impresión 3d online


It is the largest design community, it belongs to Makerbot, and with many followers where 3D models with many uses can be found. All designs are free and licensed under Creative Commons. The designs can be modified adapting to our needs from the same application.



It is an idea of ​​Ultimaker, although it does not have much popularity, it offers a high guarantee to 3D designers who upload their projects. The appearance is very much like thingiverse.



On this website, designers can sell their designs. It is also one of the largest communities, and while it is possible to buy STL files, we can also download STL files for free. This website also allows users to use its 3D printing service.



One of the communities that take care of their designs, you will only find tested 3D models, without geometry flaws in the mesh and optimized for manufacturing by 3D printing. It also allows a designer to commission a job.



Created by Stratasys, it is a community for engineers and technical designers, more oriented to the manufacture of parts for the industry. You have the possibility to download the model with the native extension in which it was created. You can also order the manufacture to any of the 3D printing companies that can provide this network.


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