Controlling PlutoX takeoff with just a snap

Clap, snap or shoutout that's all it takes for your drone to take off!!!


What I wanted to do was command my drone to take off either by a snap, clap, or by actually saying drone fly!! For this first i began with choosing a good sound sensor and adjusting its sensitivity as per requirement. I integrated this sound sensor onto PlutoX board using its breakout board. Since the frequency of the generated sound is very high it becomes difficult for the controller to analyze the data detected as it lasts for a very small interval of time I added a low pass filter to sustain the signal long enough to be acted upon.

  • Clap to fly
  • Speak to fly

PlutoX drone made the project easier. 

To open drone experimentation to the world, Drona Aviation is crowdfunding for PlutoX on Indiegogo. 

Support them and help them bring it to life:



Clap sensor need a 5V Input.

Solder a berg strip to Connect the sensor to Breakout board

Connect the Ground and 5V in supply

Connect the Digital Out to any of the ADC pins. (I am using pin 13)


Github link( to read the sensor data

Convert the input data to equivalent voltage

Set some specific threshold, If the sensor data is greater than a threshold ARM the drone and Set a Specific height to take off.

Tanmay Karpe