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ESP32 Online Simulator you've been waiting for! ?2021

October 15, 2021 by share Open-Tech

ESP32 simulator runs on Linux, Windows and macOS ? - It is a browser-based ESP32 emulator and can run on Mobiles too?


ESP32 Simulator from Wokwi supports ESP32 simulation online. It is a free online simulator that can be used to interface with various LEDs, Displays, Third-party sensors, buttons and more! In this article, I will give a set of examples and a brief view of what is coming next in the ESP32 emulator?

ESP32 Blink example on ESP32 simulator

Wokwi has released ESP32 Free Online Simulator recently with support for multiple development platforms. MicroPython is also supported! you can code using micropython as well!

You can use Wokwi to simulate the ESP32, and soon also the ESP32-S2. The Wokwi is a free online simulator for electronics, and it runs in your browser. This means you can simulate code that interacts with 3rd-party sensors, display modules, LEDs and many other common parts. There's also initial support for WiFi simulation, and the developers are working on extending it to support connecting to any host on the internet (e.g. HTTPS/MQTT)

ESP32 Simulator is still in the preview phase but can already help you start with basics. More and more features will be added in the coming days. You can also be a part of the development ?

Link on the ESP32 documentation -

Discord community link -

You can use the ESP32 simulator in three ways:

Build projects using the ESP32 Arduino Core

Run MicroPython projects

Simulate bin application files you built on your machine (e.g. using ESP-IDF)

Here are the three template links so that you can start right away!✨⭐

Arduino Examples


Seven segment counter

APA102 Color Cycles (TinyPico Board)

WiFi Scanning

MicroPython Examples

SSD1306 Example


WiFi Scanning

ESP-IDF Examples

The following examples use the ESP-IDF functions. They are compiled using Arduino ESP32 Core:

Blink using FreeRTOS API

Binary LED counter using FreeRTOS tasks

GPIO button input + interrupts


you have many ways to ask for help, suggest a feature or share your feedback

Open an issue on GitHub

Visit Facebook group

Hop on to Discord Server!

leave a comment here ?


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