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July 17, 2022 by Simran Khuntia

In this blog, we will see the steps that we need to follow while designing a Cowboy Hat.

In this tutorial article, we are going to 3D design a Cowboy Hat. The 3D modeling software that we are using is SelfCAD. With SelfCAD, you can without a doubt make 3D models without a lot of time figuring out how the product functions, and you can make both fundamental and complex designs without taking a lot of time. The tools of SelfCAD that we will use are the 3D Shapes, face selection, round object, bend, scale tool, etc. We will begin by 3D designing a cylinder and changing it.

As well as sorting out some way to 3D design the Hat, you will similarly get to know how to use the various tools of SelfCAD.

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We should Begin!!

Step1: Insert a cylinder and scale it

First of all, go to the 3D shapes and insert a cylinder to the working interface. Set its height to 5. Then we will scale this cylinder along the x-axis in 90 degrees, using the scale tool.

Screenshot (3895).png
Screenshot (3896).png

Step2: Add resolution and bend it

Next, go to modify and select the resolution tool. Set the detail level to 4. Then we will go to deform and select the bend tool. Set the plane to left/right and y to 30.

Screenshot (3897).png
Screenshot (3898).png

Step3: Add smoothness to it and colour it

Now, go to modify and select the round object tool. Set the smoothness to 2. Then go to the colour picker option and change the colour of the selected object to brown.

Screenshot (3899).png
Screenshot (3900).png

Step4: Insert another cylinder and colour it

Next, insert another cylinder and set its top radius to 20, bottom radius to 30, height to 40, horizontal segments to 4 and position y to 4. Then we will give the same brown colour.

Screenshot (3901).png
Screenshot (3902).png

Step5: Select the faces in loop along the intersection of the two cylinders and colour them

Now, opt for face selection and click on the loop selection. Then select the first face along the intersection of the two cylinders and the face adjacent to it. Automatically the loop faces will be selected. After that, colour them yellow.

Screenshot (3903).png
Screenshot (3904).png

Step6: Insert another cylinder and subtract its mass from the object

Next, insert another cylinder to the working interface and set its top radius to 18, bottom radius to 28, height to 40. We will colour this cylinder brown. Then select mesh_4 and mesh_8, go to stitch and scoop and opt for the difference option. We will choose mesh_12 to subtract. 

Screenshot (3905).png
Screenshot (3906).png
Screenshot (3907).png

Conclusion: Hence, we have designed a 3D Cowboy Hat using SelfCAD

This tutorial article deals with the fundamental tools of SelfCAD like face selection, round object, and 3D shapes and uses other key tools like the scale, bend, and resolution tools. Every one of the 3D models made in SelfCAD are 3D printable as they leave no numerical bungles that could make arrangements hard to print.

Once done with the design cycle, you can use the in-collected slicer of SelfCAD to cut your design and produce the G-Code record that you can send off your 3D printer. 

Screenshot (3908).png

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