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3D Printed from 1$

August 27, 2022 by CIRCUITS DIY

In this article, we are going to discuss Custom 3D Printed Enclosures from 1$

3D Technologies Used by JLCPCB

JLC PCB uses different technologies for printed enclosures. We are briefly explaining them below.

SLM technology: Selective laser melting uses a strong laser to melt small metallic powder particles to create exceedingly intricate objects. 

Fused Deposition Modelling: (DM is a 3D printing process that uses extrusion. FDM construction materials are thermoplastic polymers in the form of filaments.

SLS Technology: Selective Laser Sintering is an additive manufacturing technique in the Powder Bed Fusion family.

Why Choose JLCPCB for Custom 3D Printed Enclosures 

There are tons of reasons that we are recommending JLCPC for your custom 3D printed enclosures:

JLCPCB offers printing for one dollar and employs Stereolithography and Multijet Fusion technologies.

JLCPCB offers cost-cutting alternatives. As a result of their service, clients benefit from enhanced pricing stability and reduced risk.

All of their services are outstanding, and they never take shortcuts on quality. They have a skilled workforce of engineers and technicians, as well as high-quality machinery.

JLCPCB is a global leader in PCB prototyping and high-tech manufacturing, specializing in quick prototypes.

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