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How to Control RGB LED Wirelessly

October 05, 2022 by AFZAL REHMANI

In this Tutorial, We are Going To Make How to Control RGB LED Wirelessly using ESP01

In this tutorial, we are going to control 1 watt RGB LED using the ESP8266 ESP01 WiFi module. You can use any Wi-Fi-enabled device to access the web interface to control this RGB LED. Watch the video at the bottom of this page.

Here we have created a simple webpage with esp8266 which has different color codes each color have a unique code for RGB (Red, Green & Blue) LED. RBG LED we used here is common Anode which means +ve of all LED's is common and LED glows from dark to light depending on the value received via webpage by the user.

Hardware Required

RGB LED Circuit

Working Explanation

  • Connect the final circuit as shown in the above diagram and power it up using a 5v battery or wall adapter.
  • ESP module will boot up and the LED light will show a fade effect in all three colors at startup.
  • Then open your device WiFi in discovery mode and you will see a new WiFi access point, named RGB in the discovery list.
  • Connect that WiFi access point, Open any web browser on that device, and open IP address, that's it, you will see a colorful RGB control screen to control your wireless RGB LED.

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