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Night Light Sensor Dark Detector

November 04, 2022 by CIRCUITS DIY

In this Tutorial, We are Going To Make Night Light Sensor Dark Detector Electronics Projects


A circuit that detects darkness or the absence of light is known as a darkness detector or dark detector. We can create different night light sensor Dark Detector electronics projects by employing the most basic components like LDR, 555 timer IC, etc. Thus, there are different ways to make dark sensors which we will discuss in this article.

Hardware Components

Night Light Sensor Project

Working Explanation

This circuit also uses the LDR. So, When there is no light, the light-dependent resistor works. In normal circumstances, when there is light, the circuit's resistance prevents the electric current from flowing. When night falls and LDR is exposed to the dark, the resistance decreases, letting the current flow. This activates the circuit's first transistor, which serves as the control signal for the second transistor. The output is sent to the second transistor's collector, which is used to energize the relay coil. As a result, it turned the relay on.

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