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Universal PRO Nixie Tube Tester and Healer

April 24, 2019 by Marcin Saj

This device will test and heal all Nixie Tubes you know.

This device will test and heal all Nixie Tubes you know.

Project can be found here.

Universal PRO Nixie Tube Tester will test all Nixie Tubes you know. Additional tester functionality is the ability to regenerate/heal nixie tubes. The tester allows you to connect 22 different sockets for several dozen nixie tubes and nixie tube drivers.

Must-Have Device

Thanks to the hobbyist from around the world, nixie tubes are experiencing their renaissance these days.

How many times a nixie tubes fell into your hands but you have not had the capability to check them? Have you ever seen how your tube is slowly dying and could not do anything about it? It is a real tragedy for all who have experienced this, especially when the most valuable tubes cost over $100-200.

If you're a nixie tube enthusiast then you should take care of your tubes.

Features & Specifications

  • cathode poisoning reversal
  • Testing nixie tubes - manual/auto option
  • Testing nixie drivers e.g. 74141, K155ID1 etc...
  • Autodetection 13 & 15 segment nixie tubes
  • Diagnostic and measurements outputs (current, voltages)
  • Outputs for external tubes connections (anode, 15 cathodes)
  • 21 PCB testing points (A...U) for assembly troubleshooting
  • Dimensions: 55 x 90 x 170 mm
  • Perfect quality housing (color: red, blue, black), laser-cut and engraved
  • 22 tube sockets compatible
  • Power on/off switch & LED indicator
  • Current adjustment: 1-20mA
  • Voltage adjustment: 140-200V
  • Frequency adjustment: 1-10Hz
  • External power supply: 12V; 1A DC; plug diameter 2.5 x 5.5 mm; center pin positive+

Perfect Quality Components

  • Laser cutted and engraved housing components
  • Gold plated pcb board
  • Solid electronic components
  • Dedicated carton packaging for sockets

Exchangeable Tube Sockets

  • 22 sockets available for dozen different tubes and nixie drivers
  • Each socket have the same form-factor
  • Acrylic housing
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Dedicated carton packaging




Project can be found here.


Marcin Saj

I am currently involved in the development of the and project.

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