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12 Volt Lead Acid Battery Charger Circuit

August 04, 2022 by CIRCUITS DIY

In this tutorial, we are going to make a 12 Volt Lead Acid Battery Charger Circuit

In this tutorial, I will tell you the best way to build a basic Lead Acid Battery Charger Circuit. This circuit utilizes to charge Rechargeable 12V Lead Acid Batteries with a rating in the scope of 1Ah to 7Ah. Lead Acid Batteries are one of the most established rechargeable batteries accessible today. Because of their cheap cost compare with new battery technologies and the capacity to give high current flows (a significant factor in cars), Lead Acid Batteries are as yet the favored selection of batteries in practically all vehicles

Various batteries have various procedures for charging. And right now, I will tell you the best way to energize a lead-acid battery by utilizing a basic Lead Acid Battery Charger Circuit.

Hardware Component


Lead Acid Battery Charger Circuit


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Working Explanation

he above circuit diagram is a lead-acid battery charger schematic. The main component of the circuit is the LM317 IC. The circuit gives the desired voltage to charge the 12V fixed lead-acid batteries or 12V SLA batteries. The charging current can be changed with a 1K potentiometer. This fixed lead acid battery charger circuit is programmed so you don't need to focus on the battery to full charge in light of that the circuit naturally moves its capacity to stream charge when the battery becomes fully charged. Associate the battery which you need to accuse in an arrangement of a meter and change potentiometer to get the ideal charging current

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