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Dallas MTK problem



Jan 1, 1970
I am using the DS80C400 with a clock source of 27MHz. I found the MTK
unreliable when I set it to com1 of 115200 baud so reduced the baud rate to
57600. I then uploaded the hex file into Flash and all seemed to be well
apart from receiving a response "Did not receive B back" and "load failed".

What seems to have happened is that after sending some hard resets by
toggling DSTR, MTK started sending serial info at 115200 and seems to have
autonegotiated this speed in favour of the set speed of 57600. The DS80C400
receives commands from MTK at this higher baud rate but the replies at this
higher rate are either non existent or corrupted because I presume MTK
expects them to be at the lower baud rate.

I'm using MTK 2.3.00

Has anyone else had this problem. FWIW the program does seem to get