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bandpass filter design using matlab

hi to all

Actually i m working on a project Shape measurement of 3-d
objects by applying Fourier Transform Profilometry Technique.

Now in this i do hav a a fringe pattern equation of the formT

g(x, y) = a(x ,y) + c(x ,y)exp[2ð fox] + c*(x, y)exp[-2ðifox]

c(x, y) = ½ b(x ,y)exp[i Ö(x ,y)].

The FFT of the above equation with respect to x comes out to be

G(f, y) = A(f, y) + C(f-fo,y) + C*(f+fo, y)

NOW ACTUALLY I HAV TO FILTER OUT the unwanted variation a(x, y) for
which i need to design a bandpassfilter usiing matlab. now i do
require help for how to do this.