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DoesThis Exist? Thermally Coupled Fuses


D from BC

Jan 1, 1970
Does that mean that cams and gears and belcranks
and linkages and solenoids, all connected together
to operate a 5 pound rubber mallet to smash the other
fuse when the first one blows, are out? :)

But seriously - can you gate the supply to the
second fuse with a mosfet only when voltage is available
from the first fuse?


A thermally coupled dual "mini" nonresettable fuse might be useful to
totally isolate a load if there's too much current.
When this would be needed...I dunno..but I'm trying to figure an
If this complete load isolation can be done with semi's ...great..!
I should mention that I'm not looking for a solution but looking for a
seemingly imaginary part.
D from BC


Jan 1, 1970
Does this exist?

It's kinda like an optocoupler but only with fuses.
An input fuse and output fuse that's thermally coupled.
Or in other words...
A device that has two isolated fuses yet share the same heat.
When fuse A blows, it also blows fuse B or vice versa..

Since metal can't be used to couple the fuses together (isolation
wanted) maybe fuse A can ignite a non conducting dry chemical to burn
out fuse B.
D from BC

I've seen fuses that operate a switch when they blow.

But, if you're wanting the fuses to blow when the sum of currents
exceeds some limit, that won't work for you.


Paul Hovnanian P.E.

Jan 1, 1970
Rich said:
Aim it at the other fuse's fuseholder, to pop it out when the first
one blows. ;-)

Rube Goldberg lives!